7 Time management Tips to Rock Your Next Exam!

What do we do when the exam approaches? Plan out everything! We focus too much time planning which day we would study what. We make extensively detailed daily tasks. While some think it as a pure waste of time, to some it’s more efficient.

Without proper planning and mind setup, going well in the exams is quite the daydreaming. You should always set your priorities, not every topic is the gold star in your dictionary, right?

So, let’s take a look at the 7 brilliant tips that would help you manage your time properly.

  1. Plan Out, Everything!

List out everything you need to do. Sounds too mainstream? But, once you plan out all the details in a written manner, the scenario changes.

Set a complete course of action that you are going to follow – including your work schedule, your eating habits, and obviously the study materials you need to go through.

  1. It’s Time for a Daily Routine

You can go for anything – a handmade calendar with notes, an app, or maybe a simple hand-drawn sheet. But you must have a structured way of doing every task on time. Otherwise, all your preparation will be haphazard and disorganized.

Try to find out your personal productive working time when you are at your fullest. But don’t ignore sleep. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep if you are in a hardcore study session.

  1. You Are Not a Robot: Be Flexible

Be frank, when you are in a study session, your inner voice tells you every now and then to check your Facebook news feed. It happens, it happens to most of us. So, you should always add some allowance time to all your plans.

For example, suppose, you have planned to finish a chapter within 4 hours. Let’s say you had to go through the chapter twice as you couldn’t get a topic clear, that delayed task by 2 hours. So, add allowance and be prepared.

  1. Do Your Research

Before starting, you should get an idea about the whole syllabus and think about how long it might take to finish up the whole syllabus. Ask your friends how long did it take for them. In that way, you can set your actions and plans.

It would also mitigate another problem – repeating. When you have a huge syllabus to cover. Repetition of studying the topic, again and again, will make your preparation less effective.

  1. Distractions: The Killers

Most of the time, we procrastinate during the study – what if I was in somewhere else… Yeah, that’s a common scenario. But they are the killer of your exam preparation. What’s the key solution? Stay focused!

Motivate yourself and stick to the plan and don’t get distracted. If you manage to do all these three. You are going to rock in your next exam.

  1. Stay Fit: Exercise!

You would be amazed to know that repeated physical exercises like walking acts just as same as sleeping during your exam days. If you take a stroll for 15 minutes, your mind will be sharper and things will be easier to remember.

Between two study sessions, do some stretching, or go on a 15-minutes run around your block.

  1. Review and Assess Again!

Always review your study plans and think if you have chosen a smart way to cover up the syllabus. If you think you have to tweak your plans a bit, do it. Being organized is not about sticking to a rigid unchangeable routine. You have to act according to the situation to make the most of everything.

So, this was it. Try to follow these techniques and you will witness the improvement within a few days.