What to eliminate in your college packing list

I know that going to college can be an exciting time and you may overthink your packing decisions. This is why you see a student drive into campus with a car heavy laden with stuff that will definitely not fit his shared room. In the excitement, he practically packed up his room. To avoid this, let’s try eliminate the things that you definitely will not need.

  1. Your entire wardrobe

Yes, it is essential to be ready for every season and occasion but trust me, you do not need to carry all your clothes to school. Simply pack a few things for each occasion: a couple of jackets, scarves and gloves for the winter, tops and t-shirts, jeans for well, all occasions, a couple of dinner clothes just in case, a couple of pairs of shoes for each occasion, underwear and well, that’s just about it.

  1. Your full CD and DVD collection

Yes, music is food to the soul. But you really do not NEED your entire collection. Carry the ones you really have to have and if you discover that these too are taking up too much space, try saving them. This is why you have flash disks isn’t it? To save and move data? Well, copy your music and save it onto a special drive and keep that as your music collection. If anything, this enables you to hear your music anywhere as you can then transfer it to your phone and laptop.

  1. A back-up everything

It is necessary to have a back- up plan; it is basically how everything gets carried forward. However, not everything needs to have a back-up. You do not, for instance, need a back-up laptop battery, a back-up phone battery, a back-up back pack, a back-up power bank for your power bank and even back-up books and so on. Simply have a plan for what to do in case the worst scenario played out and you actually needed to replace anything. None of these things run out suddenly, they all have prior warnings so all you need to do is have a plan of rescue rather than multiple back-up plans that add on to your luggage.

  1. The full content of your book shelf

Be aware, you are going to college and there is a library. You therefore do not need to carry every book you have loved in the past few years. I am a buff for reading and I keep a few books handy as well. This however, does not mean that you have to carry all your comfort books with you. Come up with a list that will categorise the books you need and carry one of each if necessary. For instance, you can choose to carry one poetry book, one novel one biography and one short stories book. These are bound to keep you for a long time to come. You can also consider the convenience of finding great books online. Sure, it may not feel the same as actually turning that page in your hand but it is bound to help you get through until the time you find another great book to read.

The fact is, as long as you have your total essentials that is your toiletries, your documents, stationery, clothes and main gadgets, you do not need to overthink packing. You are going to start a new page in your life so please leave room to add and improve just about everything. Wouldn’t it be fun to go shopping with your new campus friends? Now where would you put all that if you come with full closets? Look forward to the life ahead and focus on what’s taking you there.